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Face lift

Face lift surgery can delay the effects of ageing by smoothing out lines and wrinkles and tightening up loose skin on the face and neck. Face lift surgery when performed properly by an experienced surgeon, leaves the patient looking more youthful and relaxed.

During a facelift, an incision is made from the temple to the ear on both sides. The incision from a face lift is hidden in the hairline and behind the ears so that visible scarring is minimized.

It takes several hours depending on how much work a particular face lift involves. Many people combine face lift surgery with eye bag removal which takes longer. Face-lift surgery is performed under general anaesthetic with an overnight hospital stay.


Recovery time following face lift surgery varies. Many patients return to work after 3 weeks. Most women can disguise the effects of face-lift surgery with make up after 10-14 days.

Side effects from facelift surgery are temporary. Bruising and swelling of the face is to be expected initially.

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