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Brow lift

This procedure targets loose skin and wrinkles on the forehead. An incision is made slightly behind the natural hairline and running from ear to ear across the head. The eyebrows are raised which will give a more open appearance to the eye area. The forehead skin is lifted and the incisions are closed with stitches.

This particular procedure is not suitable for someone with a receding hairline. Surgery takes one to two hours and an overnight stay in hospital is usually necessary.

Endoscopic Brow-lift

In this type of procedure scars can be minimized. The brow can be re-suspended with devices inserted through scalp incisions where the scars are hidden behind the hairline.

The position of the eyebrow descends with age and can produce an appearance of tiredness or sadness. Re-positioning of the brow at a slightly higher position can produce a younger and fresher look.

Minor correction can be done in combination with upper eyelid surgery where a dissolvable device is placed behind the brow through an upper eyelid incision. The scar is hidden in the eyelid crease and the brow is re-positioned.

Patients will experience bruising and swelling and sometimes headaches for a few days.

The surgery may be carried out in combination with other facial procedures, such as blepharoplasty.

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