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Breast lift | Mastopexy

A number of factors can cause women's breasts to lose their shape and firmness, such as pregnancy, age, and gravity. Breast uplift surgery can raise and reshape such breasts for a time - though surgery cannot permanently delay natural changes. Mastopexy can also reduce the size of the areola, the darker skin surrounding the nipple. It is also possible to have a breast augmentation in conjunction with a lift procedure in suitable cases.

The procedure:

To achieve the 'lift' that is required from a breast mastopexy operation, the loose skin is removed whilst at the same time, the nipple is repositioned centrally on the new, now firmer breast. The procedure takes from one and a half to three hours for both breasts and usually involves an overnight stay in hospital. Following surgery, it is necessary to wear a supportive sports type bra for 6 weeks. You can expect some loss of sensations around your nipples but should improve after about six weeks. In some patients, however, the numbness may last a year or more, and rarely it may be permanent.


Similar to other breast surgery, rest is recommended and no upper body exercise for 6 weeks. One to two weeks off work is recommended providing the job does not involve excessive lifting.

Other Relevant surgeries include:

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